How to Create a Hugely Profitable Cloud Solution for Small Clients

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This year’s SMB Preday Seminar is on How to Create a Hugely Profitable Cloud Solution for Small Clients. It will be 100% practical and up to date. The seminar is a four-hour hands-on event … and with your hands you will build your own cloud service offering and take that live experience back to your office, ready to offer to your clients!

As a group, we’ll go over possible cloud offerings that you can resell. Then each attendee will work through exercises to sign up for reseller programs, create bundles, and design an overall strategy for making Lots of Money with cloud service offerings.

The cloud is redefining not only how solutions are being delivered but also who is going to deliver them. If you aren’t prepared to offer them to your clients, someone else will … soon.

Don’t be left behind.

Our entire industry is changing very quickly. This is the best opportunity in ten years to define an offering that will give your clients everything they need – and help you to be very profitable in the process!

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Agenda: SMB Preday 2013

During this workshop we’ll walk you through everything you need to design and implement a great cloud service offering for small clients. This includes deciding what to offer, building bundles, choosing vendors, and implementing your solutions. Workshop attendees should come prepared to discuss their experiences – both positive and negative.

All attendees will receive workbooks and handouts so that we can walk through the exercises together – and you can change your business immediately. All attendees will also have electronic access to the forms so they can go through them again after the workshop.

If you’re ready to stop pondering and Take Action to build a hugely profitable cloud service solution, register now!


The goal of the workshop is to leave with a very clear plan to create or fine-tune your cloud service offering to maximize profitability.

Also plan on a lot of audience participation. Everyone has experiences to share.

We’re going to start with a discussion of the kinds of products and services you might offer. Next we’re going to talk about building bundles and formalizing what you will offer and how you can price.

We’ll discuss three kinds of clients and you will define your “ideal” service offering for each of them. We will formalize this. That means you will leave with a written policy that defines your ideal clients and the preferred bundles you will sell to each.

If we have time, we’ll finish with a specific timeline action plan to help you transition to your new model offering. If we don’t have time, you’ll still leave with an outline of that and the worksheets to create it.

I believe that even people who have current cloud service offerings will be able to improve their offerings and profitability as a result of this workshop.


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